DENHAM SPRINGS -- The Livingston Parish Library recently added to its teen and young adult collections.

And selecting the books were the people who will undoubtedly read them the most — teenagers.

Eighteen members of the LPL Teen Advisory Board got to act as librarians for an afternoon, helping the library pick out $2,500 worth of books from Cavalier House Books on Saturday, Nov. 11.

This was only the second time all TAB members from across the parish came together and the first time since a convention in January, when they participated in workshops and other activities at the Denham Springs-Walker Branch.

But this was a much more preferable outing for this rowdy group of book lovers.

For three hours, TAB members and their group leaders perused the 3,500 or so titles at Cavalier House Books in the Denham Springs Antique Village before debating over their selections down the road at Old City Hall.

“I love this,” said 12-year-old Bella Roberie, carrying an arm-full of books.

After arriving to the bookstore at 1 p.m., TAB members split up into five groups, and each group was charged with collecting 50 books.

For nearly an hour, the teens turned the quiet bookstore into a madhouse as they walked back and forth hauling books into one of five plastic bins. They also had to follow a list of guidelines detailing collection development and budgeting when making their selections — just as a librarian would.

Once all the books were loaded up, bookstore owner John Cavalier rolled the bins over to the meeting room at Old City Hall, where teens enthusiastically debated which ones to buy and which ones to return. They were also given iPads to read reviews and check the library’s online catalog.

When the books get placed on shelves in any of the five LPL branches, patrons will know exactly who selected them. The chosen books will all have name plates detailing that the Teen Advisory Board picked them out.

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