WATSON -- Ever wonder what it’s like to be principal for a day?

Isabella Spano found out.

Spano, a fifth-grader at Live Oak Middle (LOM), recently won the school’s “Read-a-thon” competition and was awarded the opportunity to be act as principal on Friday, Oct. 20.

During her day in command, “Principal Spano” walked the hallways, observed classes, monitored students at lunch, made announcements, and performed other duties alongside LOM Principal Ryan Hodges.

Live Oak Middle Read-a-thon

Live Oak Middle student Isabella Spano types on the keyboard while making a phone call on Friday, Oct. 20.

Live Oak Middle students recently participated in a two-week “Read-a-thon” challenge to raise funds for the library, which lost half of its collection due to the recent school split. The challenge, which lasted from Monday, Sept. 25 until Friday, Oct. 6, tasked students with reading and raising money for the library.

Approximately 712 students took part in the challenge and read for a combined 185,269 total minutes (roughly 260 minutes per student). They also raised $7,125 (about $27.59 per student), with Mrs. Mayfield's homeroom winning a donut party for raising the most money.

The winning student, Spano, read for a whopping 1,434 minutes (more than five times that of the average student) and raised $605.

The money raised will go toward the purchase of much-needed computers, which will be used for student AR testing, online card catalog searches, and research.

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