One hundred students in grades 4-12 showed off their animals — and there were a lot — during the 2019 Livingston Parish 4-H/Future Farmers of America Livestock Show held at the Livingston Parish Fairgrounds.

Competition at the two-day event, held Jan. 18-19, was broken into seven main categories — poultry, rabbits, beef, goats, sheep, dairy and swine. Subcategories were under each, and awards were given to the animals and their owners.

This year’s livestock show featured a whopping 380 animals — 181 large animals (sheep, goats, cows, and pigs), 126 chickens, and 73 rabbits.

For the livestock project, students are solely responsible for raising their animals and must learn about their particular breed as well as basic information on animals. The animals stay with the students, who feed them, bath them, brush them, and anything else that is needed.

Eight seniors — Brianna Smith of Albany High; Mason Sibley, Jake Hall and Westin Cobb of Walker High; Challey Ryan of Springfield High; and Logan Schesser, Gage McKey and Noah Rittel of Live Oak High — were presented their senior gifts at the livestock show. 

During the livestock show, a shadow box commemorating the late David M. Williams, a 4-H pioneer in the area who passed away in November 2017, was presented to his wife, Rosanne.

The award, presented by 4-H/FFA Livestock President John Curtis Livingston and Assistant Extension Agent Mikaela Carender, honored Williams for his time with the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, both in Baton Rouge and Livingston Parish, and his continued support of the Livingston Parish livestock program.

Williams, a former 4-H agent whose experience spanned three decades, was inducted into the Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame last summer.

The following students were named Livingston Parish livestock champions in 2019:

Poultry Champions

Best in Show Standard - Breleigh Page

Best in Show Bantam - Luke Tynes

Champion pen of broilers - Josie Wheat

Reserve Champion pen of broilers - Kamryn Gill

Rabbit Champions

Best in Show - Connor Kelly

Best Opposite Sex - Amaralee Viccellio

Grand Champion Meat Pen - Kamryn Gill

Beef Champions

Champion Santa Gertrudis Bull - Cali Green

Champion Santa Gertrudis Heifer - Cali Green

Reserve Champion Santa Gertrudis Heifer - Julie Green

Champion Braford Base Heifer - Braxton Whitesell

Champion Angus Heifer - Christian Corsentino

Reserve Champion Angus Heifer - Christian Corsentino

Champion AOB Brahman Influence Heifer - Mollie Bailey

Champion AOB Non Brahman Influence Bull - Mason Sibley

Champion AOB Non Brahman Influence Heifer - Addison Sibley

Reserve Champion AOB Non Brahman Influence Heifer - Addison Sibley

Champion Commercial Heifer Brahman Influence - Logan Schesser

Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer Brahman Influence - Noah Rittel

Champion Commercial Heifer Non-Brahman Influence - Kaden Tucker

Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer Brahman Influence - Jake Hall

Supreme Champion Bull - Mason Sibley

Supreme Champion Heifer - Christian Corsentino

Champion Junior Showmanship - Jewelie Green

Champion Senior Showmanship - Cali Green

Sheep Champions

Champion Commercial Ewe - Robert Lawrence

Supreme Breeding Ewe - Robert Lawrence

Champion Lamb - Reily Mitchell

Reserve Champion Lamb - Robert Lawrence

Champion Junior Showmanship - Mallory Tatum

Champion Intermediate Showmanship - Robert Lawrence

Champion Senior Showmanship - Reily Mitchell

Goat Champions

Champion Market Goat - Reily Mitchell

Reserve Champion Market Goat - Reily Mitchell

Champion AOB Buck - Emily Tucker

Reserve Champion AOB Buck - William Woodson

Champion AOB Doe - Emily Tucker

Reserve Champion AOB Doe - Kaden Tucker

Champion Nubian Buck - William Woodson

Reserve Champion Nubian Buck - Lawson Bache

Champion Nubian Doe - Mason Allen

Reserve Champion Nubian Doe - Sophia Allen

Supreme Dairy Buck - William Woodson

Supreme Dairy Doe - Emily Tucker

Champion Percentage Boer Doe- Maggie Kimble

Reserve Champion Percentage Boer Doe - Austin Bankston

Champion Fullblood Boer Buck - Luke Tynes

Reserve Champion Fullblood Boer Buck - Austin Banskton

Champion Fullblood Boer Doe - Reily Mitchell

Reserve Champion Fullblood Boer Doe - Reily Mitchell

Champion Pigmy Buck - Renee Starns

Champion Commercial Doe - Maggie Kimble

Reserve Champion Commercial Doe - Challey Ryan

Supreme Meat Buck - Luke Tynes

Supreme Meat Doe - Maggie Kimble

Champion Junior Showmanship - Maggie Kimble

Champion Intermediate Showmanship - Sophia Allen

Champion Senior Showmanship - Reily Mitchell

Dairy Champions

Champion AOB - Levi Lockhart

Champion Jersey - Jake White

Commercial Dairy Heifer - Gage McKey

Reserve Champion Dairy Heifer - Abree Gourdon

Supreme Champion Dairy - Gage McKey

Champion Junior Showmanship - Levi Lockhart

Champion Intermediate Showmanship - Jake White

Champion Senior Showmanship - Gage McKey

Swine Champions

Champion AOB Breeding - Dylan Fontenot

Reserve Champion AOB Breeding - Josie Purvis

Champion Duroc Breeding - Josie Purvis

Reserve Champion Duroc Breeding - William Pankey

Champion Hampshire Breeding - Sydney Salassi

Champion Yorkshire Breeding - Josie Purvis

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Breeding - Caleb Pankey

Supreme Champion Breeding Swine - Josie Purvis

Champion Commercial Gilt - Mia Stump

Reserve Champion Commercial Gilt - Kacey Threeton

Champion AOB Market - Dylan Fontenot

Reserve Champion AOB Market - Josie Purvis

Champion Duroc Market - Christopher Jimenez

Reserve Champion Duroc Market - Jesi Dier

Champion Hampshire Market - Kacey Threeton

Reserve Champion Hampshire Market - Mia Stump

Champion Yorkshire Market - William Pankey

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Market - LeAnn Threeton

Champion Cross Gilt Market - Dylan Fontenot

Reserve Champion Cross Gilt Market - Christopher Jimenez

Champion Barrow Market - LeAnn Threeton

Reserve Champion Barrow Market - Hunter Threeton

Grand Champion Market Hog - LeAnn Threeton

Reserve Champion Market Hog - Dylan Fontenot

Champion Junior Showmanship - Mia Stump

Champion Intermediate Showmanship - Maci Langlois

Champion Senior Showmanship - Dylan Fontenot

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