Nearly 200 students from across the parish were selected for the 2017-2018 Livingston Parish junior high and high school honor bands.

The high school honor band, which students auditioned for Nov. 16, is made up of 82 students from four area high schools: Denham Springs High School (39), Walker High School (36), Live Oak High School (five) and Albany High School (two).

The junior honor band, which held auditions this past Saturday, is made up of 112 students (23 alternates) from six area schools: Westside Junior (53), Juban Parc Junior (30), North Corbin Junior (15), Live Oak Junior (seven), Denham Springs Junior (five) and Southside Junior (two).

Both honor bands will perform a concert together on the Saturday after Martin Luther King Day (Jan. 20). The junior high band will play first, followed by the high school band. Abby South, the band director at Juban Parc Junior High and president of the Livingston Parish Band Directors’ Association, said the concert location is still “up in the air.”

Rehearsals for the concert will be Thursday, Jan. 18 from 6-9 p.m.; Friday, Jan. 19 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.; and Saturday from 8-10 a.m. The concert will take start after the last rehearsal at 11 a.m.

The following students were selected to the Livingston Parish Honor Bands.

Livingston Parish High School Honor Band


Abby Rossnagel - WHS

Savannah Cecchini - DSHS

Alanna Wheat - WHS

Alexis Didier - WHS

Hannah Shelton - WHS

Lilly Burks - WHS

Olivia Warr - LOHS

Allison Tucker - WHS


Solie Falcon - WHS

Stephanie Godfrey - DSHS


Katie Miranda - AHS

Jacob Dodds - DSHS


Peyton Berry - WHS

Austin Shelton - WHS

Victoria Seeger - DSHS

Ethan Archer - WHS

Jenna Hollingsworth - WHS

John Gravois - DSHS

Karime Rivera - DSHS

Savannah Koonce - LOHS

Madeline McCauley - DSHS

Kalyn Smith - WHS

Caitlyn Tagert - WHS

Rebecca McKisson - DSHS

Kayla Harrison - DSHS

Samantha McKisson - DSHS

Chanleigh Stirling - WHS

Madison Pultz - DSHS

​Bass Clarinet

Anabelle Jennings - DSHS

Jessica Hernandez - WHS

Haley Forrest - DSHS

Contra-bass Clarinet

Morgan Lovell - DSHS

Alto Saxophone

Anthony Grant - WHS

Johsua Samek - DSHS

Noah Bazer - WHS

Alex Elliott - DSHS

Tenor Saxophone

Jacob Moskau - LOHS

Darryn Magee - DSHS

Baritone Saxophone

David Lanzetta - WHS


Devin Stoker - WHS

Kaylee Hibbard - WHS

Madison Williams - DSHS

Hayden Lilly - WHS

Bobby Chedville - DSHS

Hayden Ruiz - WHS

Zach Wilkinson - WHS

Colin Benoit - DSHS

Jacob Ross - AHS

Ethan Broussard - DSHS

Peyton Blocker - DSHS

Trace Smith - LOHS

French Horn

Katie Howard - DSHS

Sarah Germany - DSHS

Lukas Deshotel - DSHS

Madeliene Aime - WHS

Emma Elsea - DSHS​

Avery Stewart - WHS

Larkin Price - DSHS

Devin Olinde - DSHS


Bryce Stallcup - LOHS

Aron Tapalla - WHS

Joshua Opperman - DSHS

Jessica Horn - WSH

Sam Van Oss - DSHS

Donovan Elsey - WHS

Jared McIntosh - DSHS

Bass Trombone

Sydni Seighman - WHS


Logan Yarborough - WHS

Carl Brandon - DSHS

Ryan Aime - WHS

Kevin Wilson - DSHS


Christian Noto - WHS

Alexis Richardson - DSHS

Colby Eisenberg - DSHS

Brendan Copeland - DSHS​


Ethan Barker - WHS

Tim Marquess - DSHS

Brian Harley - WHS

Ayla Allen - WHS

Emily Seighman - WHS

Dakota Espinosa - DSHS

Dawson Redd - DSHS

Livingston Parish Junior High Honor Band


Madelyn Bourgoyne - WJH

Avery Sylvia - JP

Carlie Ellis - WJH

Browyn Owens - WJH

Jordan "Max" Burke - NC

Aubrianna Mackiewicz - JP

Emily Smyth - NC

Anna Geautreaux - WJH

Yuki Yu - LO

Sam Bridevaux - NC

Chloe Ussery - JP

Ella Price - JP

Chasity Colson - 1st Alt - SS

Abigail Valenzano - 2nd Alt - WJH


Richard Nixon - NC


Ty Courville - WJH

Mason Rivere - WJH


Jayden McDonald - WJH

Brian Rogers - LO

Lauryn Shavers - JP

Jolie Joles - WJH

Abrielle Falcon - WJH

Miranda Sensat - SS

Shelby Kinnison - WJH

Isabella Smith - WJH

Taylor Luneau - JP

Jasmine Thomas - NC

Jennifer Villeda - WJH

Destini Kelley - WJH

Daniel Sage - WJH

Brianna Gehling - JP

David Halphen - DS

Gabby Bercy - JP

Madison Ratner - JP

Tristin Cheek - JP

Madyson Hanley - 1st Alt - WJH

Brooke Theriot - 2nd Alt - WJH

​Bass Clarinet

Zoe Duncan - WJH

Ryden Bryant - WJH

Kaden Gideon - JP

Ilea Watson - 1st Alt - NC

Jackson Broderick - 2nd Alt - LO

Contra-bass Clarinet

Brady Covington - NC

Gavin Ferguson - 1st Alt - JP

Alto Saxophone

Barrett Broussard - WJH

Megan Stromeyer - WJH

Cade Alexander - JP

Nicholas Pendelton -JP

Brennan Cummings - 1st Alt - JP

Seth Nodurft - 2nd Alt - LO

Tenor Saxophone

Luke Savignol​ - WJH

Mikaley Duthu​ - WJH

Philip Thurmond- 1st Alt - WJH

Seth Scardina - 2nd Alt - JP

Baritone Saxophone

Gabe Rundell​ - WJH

Harrah Shiflet- 1st Alt - NC


Braedon Raffield ​ - WJH

Emma Cecchini - JP

Gabriel Schaeffel​ - WJH

Ethan Armstrong - NC

Braeden Watson​ - WJH

Audrey Eunice - JP

Lariah Rouse​ - WJH

Josh Wilkinson ​ - WJH

Taylor Pittman​ - WJH

Ethan Milling -LO

Isabella Slade​ - WJH

Chandler Sherrod - JP

Samuel Brocato ​ - WJH

Olivia Adcock - JP

Lauren Lott - 1st Alt - NC

Julia Nixon - 2nd Alt - NC

French Horn

Corey Keller - LO

Cowan Alfonso - JP

John Austin Bergeron - NC

Allie Hunter - DSJH

Ben Blackwell​ - WJH

Ashton Landry​ - WJH

Aaron Graffagnini- 1st Alt - JP

James Farris - 2nd Alt -NC


Austin Avant​ - WJH

Taylor Mergist​ - WJH

Mason Morgan​ - WJH

Connor Small​ - WJH

Alayna Daigrepont - NC

Gabriel Eunice - JP

Kamdyn Lee - DSJS

Madelyn Tavlin​ - WJH

Cameron Chiro - WJH

Nicholas Wilcombe- 1st Alt - WJH

Nicholas Halphen - 2nd Alt - DSJS


Amanda Yeager​ - WJH

David Simon - JP

Logan Patterson - DSJ

Matthew Mores - JP

Kahlon Goodman- 1st Alt - JP


​Reuben Rioux - LO

Weston Daigle​ - WJH

Avery Wiggins​ - WJH

Rylan Baird​ - WJH

Cade Baker - JP

Marek Hall​ - WJH

Conner Rutland- 1st Alt - JP

Katelynn Lytle - 2nd Alt - NC


Maci Iglinsky​ - WJH

Meredith Vera-Lopez​ - WJH

Gaven Snyder​ - WJH

Abigail Huey​ - WJH

Zackary Hanley​ - WJH

Makinley May - JP

Alyssa Bishop- 1st Alt - JP

Jonah Hoffman - 2nd Alt​ - WJH

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