levi milton breakfast

Levi Milton Elementary students line up for breakfast on the first day of school. A federal program that pays for breakfast and lunch at Livingston Parish schools is in its third year.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

Breakfast menu: Pancake on a stick or fruit & yogurt parfait

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Chocolate benefit bar

Lunch menu: Jambalaya, navy beans, roll, carrot cup, ranch dip, pineapple tidbits, milk choice

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Breakfast menu: Eggs, toast, grits or cereal

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Wow butter & jelly sandwich

Lunch menu: Tortilla chips, queso cheese, beefy taco meat, salsa, refried beans, taco salad cup, jalapeno peppers, fresh apple slices, milk choice

Thursday, Sept. 26

Breakfast menu: Breakfast pizza or fruit & yogurt parfait

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Breakfast pizza

Lunch menu: Cheesy chicken spaghetti or refried beans & rice (ask your cafeteria which throwback menu they are preparing)

Friday, Sept. 27

Breakfast menu: Chicken biscuit or cereal

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Chicken biscuit

Lunch menu: Hamburger or cheeseburger, cajun fries, relish cup, fresh fruit cup, milk choice

*Note: Students will be out of school on Monday, Sept. 23, for professional development.

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