Louisiana Lunch Week

Denham Springs Elementary students grab their lunch plates of red beans and rice during Louisiana Lunch Week on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. This year, Louisiana School Lunch Week will be held Feb. 3-7, 2020.

Next week, schools across Livingston Parish will celebrate the state’s unique cuisine.

And there likely won’t be any left for seconds. 

Welcome to Louisiana School Lunch Week, when cafeteria workers set aside traditional school lunches in favor of regional dishes, cooking up everything from gumbo and jambalaya to red beans and rice and po’boys for roughly 20,000 students. 

Louisiana School Lunch Week, started by the School Nutrition Association of Louisiana (SNAL), is held for one week every year. This year’s designated lunch week is Feb. 3-7.

This year, Livingston Parish Public Schools Food Services has quite the menu.

On Monday, students will enjoy home cooked red beans and sausage, steamed rice, mustard greens, sweet potatoes, and cornbread. The next day, they’ll feast on shrimp po’boys with sides of Cajun fries, cajun sauce, and a relish cup.

For Wednesday, cafeterias will brew mouth-watering gumbo along with steamed rice, potato salad, and baby carrots. But the real treat comes for dessert, which will feature one of Louisiana’s most popular dishes — king cakes.

Thursday’s menu will include jambalaya, navy beans, garden salad, a garlic roll, and fresh strawberries. On Friday, students will close out the week with fish on a bun, French fries, a relish cup, and a serving of sweet-tasting jazzy apples.

Listed below are next week’s breakfast menus.

Monday, Feb. 3

Breakfast menu: French toast sticks or cereal

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Apple or cherry frudel

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Breakfast menu: Donuts or fruit & yogurt parfait

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Donuts

Wednesday, Feb. 5

Breakfast menu: Eggs, toast, and grits or cereal

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Pancake or sausage griddle sandwich

Thursday, Feb. 6

Breakfast menu: Breakfast pizza or fruit & yogurt parfait

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Breakfast pizza

Friday, Feb. 7

Breakfast menu: Chicken biscuit or cereal

Breakfast in the Classroom menu: Chicken biscuit

(Note: Canned or fresh fruit, juice and milk choice are available for breakfast daily; canned or fresh fruit are available for lunch daily.)

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