Laine Hardy wins American Idol

Laine Hardy holds up his winning envelope after he was named the Season 17 winner of American Idol on Sunday, May 19.

Laine Hardy’s mind went blank.

He didn’t hear Ryan Seacrest call his name as the new American Idol. He didn’t hear the fans screaming for him after Seacrest did. He barely heard the music being queued up for him to sing his first single.

With confetti falling all around him, Hardy didn’t hear a thing.

“When Ryan said my name, I didn’t hear my name,” Hardy said in the first episode of a new web series chronicling his life after the career-making moment. “I didn’t hear nothing. My mind went blank.”

Hardy recounted those feelings in the first episode of a new web series titled “An American Idol Story: Laine Hardy,” which debuted on YouTube on Friday, June 14, and gives Hardy Party fans a behind-the-scenes look at the singing sensation from Livingston Parish in the days after his crowning moment.

“Excited to give y’all a look at what my life is like now!” Hardy said of his “new little series” in a Facebook post.

Beginning shortly after he was named the Season 17 winner of American Idol, the 4-minute episode shows clips of Hardy riding in limos, sleeping in private jets, taking selfies with fans, appearing on talk shows and even enjoying some pizza in New York City.

“I really just ate three pieces of pizza,” Hardy said in front of an empty plate. “After the first couple of bites, I don’t know what happened after that.”

The debut episode, which can be viewed by clicking here, begins less than an hour after Hardy was named the new American Idol during the May 19 finale.

After hopping in the back seat of a limo, Hardy takes a deep breath and says to the camera, “I won American Idol an hour ago. Wow.” The episode then flashes to Hardy talking with reporters and waving at screaming fans as he passed them on the streets.

“I’m so tired,” Hardy said.

“During this whole season... I kept telling myself, ‘Why did you take that ticket?’ There’s gotta be a reason you took that ticket,” he said later in the episode. “Well I took that ticket, and I won that whole show. I don’t even know what’s about to happen. I don’t even know.”

He’d soon find out.

A worn-out Hardy then steps onto a jet at the Burbank airport and spends part of the five-hour cross-country flight sprawled out across two seats. He then arrives in New York City, where he had a full slate of appearances on talk shows such as “Good Morning America,” “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” and “The View.”

“Have you been able to take a breath yet,” said co-host Whoopi Goldberg of “The View.”

“I’m constantly rolling,” Hardy answered. “I haven’t had really much thought to take a deep breath, but that’s probably a good idea.”

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