Farmers Market

Fresh produce sits on a table during a local farmers market.

There’s a new farmers market in town.

This weekend, the Four Seasons Farmers Market will officially launch, giving locals a new place to buy locally-grown produce and other goods.

The market will run from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Saturday, April 3, in the parking lot of Denham Springs City Hall, located at 116 North Range Avenue. The market will return to the same location at the same time every Saturday until further notice.

The Four Seasons Farmers Market will replace the Livingston Farmers Market, which announced its permanent closure via Facebook on March 14. In the post, organizers of the Livingston Farmers Market thanked patrons “for the many years we have shared” and urged them to visit the Four Seasons Farmers Market, where many of the vendors will now be.

Main Street Director Donna Jennings said bringing a farmers market to the downtown area has been in the talks “for years” to give local vendors “more exposure.” After getting the green light from Mayor Gerard Landry, Jennings said those talks are now a reality.

“We’re starting off small, but with community support, we’ll be able to bring more vendors here,” Jennings said. “Our goal is to eventually provide families with veggies, meats and seafood, along with many other local foods and seasonings to support our local farmers and vendors.”

Jennings said the location for the Four Seasons Farmers Market — in a parking lot to avoid street closures and near the downtown Antique Village — should “help everyone.”

This weekend’s slate of vendors includes Story’s Farm Fresh Produce and others selling honey kettle corn, jams, jellies, canned vegetables, stuffed breads, flower sprouts, and eggs, among other goods.

Jennings said other vendors, such as Fradella’s Seafood, have already agreed to join the market later this month.

“We’re hopefully going to grow it,” Jennings said. “This is going to help showcase the vendors and help us find a place to get fresh produce, meat, and seafood. It’s going to help everybody. It’s something good for all of us.”

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