Suburban Reviewers October 2021 meeting

Myra Peak served as guest speaker for the Suburban Reviewers Book Club during its monthly meeting on Oct. 6, 2021.

The Suburban Reviewers Book Club held its meeting on October 6.

President Kathleen Dawkins called the meeting to order. Fifteen members were in attendance via Zoom. The roll was called by secretary Theresa Dendinger. Treasurer Gayle Brown gave the treasurer’s report.

At the close of business, our very own Myra Peak was introduced as guest speaker. Myra regaled us with stories of her adventures in writing, editing and publishing which led to many interesting life experiences and career opportunities.

Through her civil service in the Office of Tourism under the Edwin Edwards and Treen administrations, she came to know the famous chef Paul Prudhomme. He hired her to assist in the publication of his popular cookbooks. She accompanied him on book tours and was tasked with introducing him to many celebrities. This required spending time in New York City, where she arranged meetings with Mayor Koch, as well as a multitude of television appearances.

Serving in this position afforded her the opportunity to travel the country. She spent many years in New Orleans, assisting the Prudhomme family with their various business ventures.

Myra then worked with the renowned Cyril Vetter. Mr. Vetter is a songwriter whose career spanned many industries, including music, broadcasting, and publishing. He owned TV and radio stations, newspapers, as well as music recording and publishing companies. Myra worked on publishing several of Mr. Vetter’s books. These included "Fonville Winans' Louisiana Politics, People, and Places”, “Dirtdobber Blues”, and “The Louisiana Houses of A. Hayes Town”.

Myra is a long standing member of our book club. She currently resides in Baton Rouge. Myra is an entertaining storyteller in her own right, and the group enjoyed hearing of her many fascinating experiences.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held on November 3.

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