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Livingston Parish saw one of the largest population increases of all Louisiana parishes in the 2020 Census, reporting a rise that is four times greater than the statewide average and seventh-fastest in the state.

According to the newly-released data, the parish reported an 11.1-percent increase in population in the 10-year period ending in 2020, bringing the total population to 142,282 residents.

That’s an increase of 14,256 people from the 2010 Census (128,026) and a rise of 50,468 from the 2000 Census (91,814).

The growth in population made Livingston Parish the ninth-most populated parish in Louisiana.

Livingston Parish was one of only 19 parishes in the state to report an increase in 2020, and one of only 13 with an increase higher than the statewide average that didn’t even reach 3 percent.

Only six parishes recorded a faster growth rate than Livingston Parish, including nearby Ascension (18 percent), West Baton Rouge (14.3 percent), and St. Tammany (13.2 percent) parishes.

As a whole, Louisiana is reporting a total population of 4,657,757, which represents a 2.7-percent increase from 2010. That was well below the national average of 7.4 percent.

Livingston Parish’s Hispanic population grew in the most recent census by 131.3 percent, higher than the state average of 67.5 percent. The parish’s Black population also saw a large increase, rising by nearly 74 percent to 11,268 residents.

Meanwhile, the parish’s White population saw a slight drop in 2020, falling by 0.6 percent (or 746 people) to 116,855. That represents 82.1 percent of the parish’s total population, down from 91.9 in 2010.

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