SATSUMA – LaFleur’s on the Lake, known for its seafood buffet and Cajun cooking, has closed its doors.

An announcement was posted Friday afternoon on its social media page on Facebook, citing the 2016 flood and closure of South Satsuma Road.

“After 40-plus years in business, we have permanently closed the doors,” the announcement said. “There are so many factors that went into this decision, starting with the flood.

“It took everything we had to start over just like many of you,” it said. “Unfortunately, lots of other issues have made this decision impossible to avoid. Road closures and many, many more.” 

LaFleur’s opened in 1976. In May 2010, it opened on Magnolia Beach Road as LaFleur’s Seafood Restaurant and Banquet Rooms under the direction of Louis Dardar Jr. and Kelly LaFleur Dardar.

The Great Flood of 2016 hit the shopping center, and the restaurant relocated to the Suma Lakes development off South Satsuma Road.

The name was changed to LaFleur’s on the Lake to take advantage of the lake that the restaurant faced.

But on April 11, work began on the Hornsby Creek Bridge, which closed South Satsuma Road just north of LaFleur’s.

The road closure blocked the major north-south traffic route for the Satsuma area.

In its closing announcement, the owners bid farewell to their many loyal customers.

“We just want to thank you … for your support,” the announcement said. “We think of a lot of you as friends and not customers and we appreciate your support through it all.

“We just are sorry that this is the way things had to go down. Positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated as this is very tough for all of us and our employees.

“Hopefully we will see you all again!”

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Flood and road closure had to have an impact, but I have heard from several that the food was mediocre, and the prices went sky high....$32 for the buffet was kinda like pricing yourself out of the market... may work in N. O...and maybe even B.R....Satsuma or even the Magnolia Beach location...not so much...

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