LIVINGSTON -- Echo has a big heart, and thanks to the hearts at Livingston Parish Animal Shelter, its volunteers and some donors, she will keep all four legs.

The 1-year-old Belgian Malinois needed surgery to save her leg and an appeal for donations funded the better of two options.

“She’s great,” said Desiree Green, shelter administrator, on Monday.

The American Belgian Malinois Rescue in Slidell picked her up Friday, Green said. The group has arranged a foster home for Echo and will take care of her rehabilitation, she said.

The tale began when Echo was hit by a car on Walker South Road and her owners surrendered her to the shelter.

The shelter faced two options:

Option 1 – recommended by a veterinarian – was inserting a bone plate with six screws to put the bone back together. The cost was estimated at $1,200.

Option 2 was a leg amputation. It would have cost $400 to $500.

The shelter operates on a tight budget and does not have the funds to pay for operations, Green said. Green credited volunteer Darlene Watts with taking up the cause for Echo.

“She can do fine but we are hoping to raise enough for option one,” Watts said on her own Facebook social media page as she spread the word.

“I wasn’t sure she would raise enough money for the surgery,” Green said, “It was a pricey surgery.”

The question was would people respond.

The response: More than $1,600 in donations.

“She got a new bone plate,” Green said of Echo.

The shelter staff and volunteers are awaiting photos of Echo with her foster family.

The day she departed, they had to pass up taking farewell shots.

“She is such a people dog, she loved jumping around and being with people,” Green said.

“We were afraid to take pictures of her because she would get excited and we didn’t want her incision to open up,” she said.

Anyone wishing to help the Livingston Parish Animal Shelter can make a donation through its Facebook page, “Livingston Parish Animal Shelter,” or by contacting the shelter via email at

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