LIVINGSTON - District Attorney Scott Perrilloux is researching ways to shut down a website at the request of Jimmie McCoy and other parish councilmen last Thursday.

McCoy said he wanted to issue a "cease and desist" order to shut down the website.

Perrilloux said they had no authority to issue a cease and desist order, but agreed to research the applicability of federal laws to local government websites.

In an interview after the meeting, Perrilloux said he did not think a federal lawsuit to shut down the website "would be worth the expense."

Perrilloux told councilmen he would report back Sept. 23.

Councilman Marshall Harris said he thought that a lawsuit intended to shut down would be a violation of First Amendment protection of freedom of speech.

Councilman Cindy Wale read a disclaimer on the website, saying it was created by Earl Price and was "operated by concerned citizens" who wanted to publicize and discuss Council actions.

Price, a local contractor, and Scott Jones of Jones Signs, jointly organized a petition drive that forced the Council to change its road policies. The petition needed signatures of at least 10 percent of the parish's registered voters and was certified in September 2009 as having 899 more signatures than the required minimum.

Jones, who is president of Citizens for Highways and Infrastructure in Livingston Parish, videotapes Council meetings and posts them on the CHILP website (

McCoy said he thought Price's website was named "to be deceptive," and said he wanted it shut down.

"I imagine that they (councilmen) want this site shut down before they start the overlay program this year," Price wrote on the website. "The council knows that we will be posting pictures of the roads on the list."

None of the 72 roads, or driveways, that received an asphalt overlay in 2008-09 would have been adopted into the maintenance system under the reforms forced on the Council by the Jones/Price petition.

The parish has not started an overlay program since the petition. The petition's reforms can be modified a year after adoption.

Price's website went online in March, when the Parish Council was planning an overhaul of its own website in conjunction with its move to the new Governmental Building.

Council Chairman Don Wheat said that his objection to Price's website was its name, or domain.

Wheat is named on the website as the candidate Price supported in the last election. As a candidate running for the first time, Wheat promised to bring roads up to state standards before paving them, according to the website.

Price said he and his family supported Wheat and were "shocked when he voted in support of bringing substandard roads into the system."

Mary Milton with Vizado, a web company affiliated with Certified Alarms, told councilmen Sept. 9 that the Council's new site address will be

Milton expressed concerns that people looking for the Council site will get the site instead.

Milton said she came to the meeting to "get some clarity."

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why exactly does the parish COUNCIL need IT'S OWN website? Doesn't the parish already have a website,


For mis-information and propaganda to further their XXXXX actions.


Strangely enough, when you try to go to the website that McCoy is having hissy fits about, the browser is unable to load it. Kind of makes me wonder if McCoy also signs contracts with hackers without anyone else approving it.


exactly miles, they are going to spend $35,000 dollars to have their own website when it would cost only a 10th of that to put it on the government website where it should go.


I love J Huey Long McCoy


The council insist upon being independent from administration. Easier for them to hide stuff I guess. Not only are they spending our money on a web site they have also refused to be connected with the administrations server. The clerk said that she did not want anyone in administration having access to her records. Why Not?? They even refuse to share an off site storage building with Administration. This building is climate controlled and Mr Grimmer offered to have a divided wall constructed to separate the two and give them their own security system on their half. The building is located between the administration and council building. This is not good enough for the clerk and her assistants. She would rather use valuable space in the new building that could be rented out to create more income. These are old records that they need to store and they are records that they will hardly ever have to access. This council sure loves to spend our money.


the clerk's records are public records..right? I can see how it would benefit the council to have the administration out of the loop of information, if that is what they are doing....just seems very petty and childish. It will be interesting to see what kind of information will be provided on the council's website provided by taxpayers' money. Do you feel like the clerks work as a "gate-keeper" therefore reporting back to certain councilmen as to what records are being requested and viewed?


So politicians don't like to be watched while they work. I'm not surprised. I think it's great to have concerned citizens keep track of what's going on and advertise it to those of us who don't have the time. Of course with any information we have to consider the source as we certainly would if it were a website operated by the council. And everyone should know by now that all government websites end in .gov .


What's the matter McCoy?? Are you scared that people will find out about other underhanded, deceptive business that you are trying to secretly force on the residents of Livingston Parish just so you can line your own pockets?? (just like the unwanted housing projects in Watson!)

McCoy MUST be removed from the council and there MUST be an investigation into his personal finances!


This just shows how technologically behind the times some of these councilmen are. The internet is international. You can have whatever domain you are willing to plunk out the bucks for. You can't tell someone he can't use a certain name. Give GoDaddy $10, and it's yours if no one has it already. If we could control the internet, we could keep the Nigerians from sending us threatening emails if we didn't send funds to some bank account in London.
With people like Mr. McCoy on the council, we NEED a watchdog group to let the citizens of Livingston Parish know what's REALLY going on. At this point, I wouldn't trust one piece of information put out on an official parish council website. The council as a whole is in serious need of reclaiming trust all around.
After the latest shenanigans with the false, underhanded HUD application in the Watson area, I can only hope the people in his district will finally come to their senses and elect someone to replace him. That would be a HUGE step in reclaiming trust for the parish council as a whole.


Protect our freedom of speech. Dump McCoy! He's the enemy of the people.


I will vote against and/or campaign against anyone that takes an active role in attempting to shut that site down. There is a blanket statement that the site is not affiliated with the council on every page out there and there is nothing depicted on it that is not factual.

If this council, and our district attorney, would spend their time and energy attempting to shut down an informational website simply because they do not like it’s contents then I would suggest that they change the way they do business. If they spent their time and energy doing the work of the people there would be no need or interest in such a site.

Hey Scott Perrilloux, why don’t you spend your time finding out if it is illegal to lie on an application for federal grant money instead? Do something that would benefit the citizens of Livingston Parish for crying out loud instead of assisting Jimmy McCoy with trying to silence those that would speak out against clearly crooked politics.


Simple solution: Buy Earl Price out, I'm sure if he was offered enough money, let's say, hmmmm, maybe $34,200, he would sell the parish council the domain name in question. (and move his website to another domain) Typically, based on the past performances of the parish council, this is the reverse of how things are supposed to work but….. Maybe the council could swap some services in return for the domain name. Does Earl need a driveway paved?

Keep up the good work Earl!


Dear Jimmy,

The Freedom of Speech part of the Constitution is well settled law, and dude, you're not going to get some DA to shut a website down based upon its name. But thanks for wasting more of our tax money on stupid stuff.


It sure seems like every time something bad happens in this parish Jimmy McCoy’s name comes up.

I just have a real tough time thinking that it is just all a big coincidence.


Hey Milton, how is this for clarity. No matter how good you are, or think you are, you cannot build a site that makes the parish council look like they are doing a good job if they are not.

If the council members are not doing a good job of representing the citizens of Livingston parish, and instead continuously engage in what seems to be back pasture deals and shady politics intended to keep us dumb Livingston parish citizens from figuring out which shell the pea is under… Then the slickest of scripts and the finest of code will still be just what they intend for it to be. You are possibly engaged in building one of the most elaborate smoke screens you will ever try to put together. Good luck with that…


There is already a website for Livington Parish Government.

Just give the morons a tab and some space on that server and let them create away. Why pay $30K for this? It's a waste of parish resources to build and maintain another website.


whose idea was it for the council to have it's own website and/or PR site? Did the council vote to have their own site? ...was it Thomas Watson???...hum...trying to is so hard to keep up with these guys.


Perrilloux appears to be a large part of the problem with the council. Honeycutt rubber stamps anything the council wants, probably on orders from Perrilloux. We will rememer at election time Scott.

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