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Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry said the city i looking for a new site for a boat launch on the Amite River, after a posible site at the end of 4-H Club Road panned out. 

DENHAM SPRINGS – A boat launch for the Amite River will need to find a new location, according to Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry.

A possible boat launch off 4-H Club Road was being considered, but ran into several problems, Landry said in an answer to a question while addressing the Livingston Parish Republican Women meeting on Jan 2.

The site is outside of the city limits, so the city alone could not proceed with the project, and questions were raised how emergency services would reach the boat launch, he said.

“It is part of a Denham Strong initiative,” the mayor said, “the (U.S.) Parks Service did a survey of people and a park.” The boat launch was one of a list of projects the recovery group drew based on public meetings seeking ideas to improve and enhance life in the city.

“The only problem is it floods,” Landry said about the 4-H Club Road location. Denham Springs also does not have any funding at the moment, he added.

The boat launch project is not being shelved, Landry said, with the city looking for another location. “People have mentioned Spring Park as a possible space,” he said. “Something I’m passionate about is the reconstruction of our city."

Other topics the mayor addressed included:

Blighted properties. The properties must be addressed, Landry said, but, “It’s a delicate issue taking people’s personal property.”

 “The people who didn’t have flood insurance are living day to day,” Landry said, leaving little money to make repairs.

“For seniors, it has changed their outlook on retirement. They used those funds to repair homes.”

  Drainage. “We’re always working on drainage,” Landry said, calling it a regional issue for governmental agencies to work on together.

“Every time it rains, the phones go crazy,” he added. “I call it post traumatic flood syndrome.”

  Roads. Work is underway on the Interstate 12 westbound off-ramp into Denham Springs, Landry said.

The light standards for the new signs to direct traffic were delayed when one of only two vendors in the U.S. who make them went out of business, he said. The light standards have arrived, so 'It won’t be long to completion,’ Landry said.

When the work is finished, the off-ramp will have two lanes turning north onto Range Avenue, with one lane to be used to reach Rushing Road, he said.

A third lane will give motorists the option of turning south onto Range Avenue or going back onto I-12. The fourth lane will be dedicated to turning south on Range.


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