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Kyle "Hoot" Parker, left, and Garry "Frog" Talbert participated in the Livingston Parish Council candidates forum on Monday in Walker. Talbert is seeking re-election to his District 2 seat and Parker is challenging him.

Pending a decision by the ethics board, two bank tellers may have been unwittingly thrust into a Livingston Parish political race.

Garry "Frog" Talbert, Parish Council District 2's incumbent running for re-election, has submitted a complaint to the Board of Ethics regarding the campaign finance report of his opponent, Kyle "Hoot" Parker.

According to Parker's contribution report on his 30-day campaign finance submission, a Naomi McWillie and Kimberly Robinson made a $500 and $300 donation to his campaign, respectively.

The submission address associated with both donations is 13404 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA, 70817. The phone number, 225-924-8900, reflects the same address - BR Telco Federal Credit Union on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge.

Neither woman works for BR Telco - both were employees of Mid-South Bank in Baton Rouge where Parker had his campaign account. Employee records confirm these reports. Further inquiries that were provided to the Talbert campaign reflected that neither woman donated to Parker's campaign, or planned to 'ever donate to any political campaign.'

When asked about the issue, Talbert said, “This troubling information was brought to my attention and I had an obligation to report it to the appropriate local, state, and federal authorities.”

The ethics complaint from Talbert reads:

"These seemingly innocent and hardworking victims have been reported as donors, even though they have no recollection of making such a donation or reason for doing so," Talbert wrote. "If true, such an action would undoubtedly violate numerous Louisiana ethics and criminal laws, including bank fraud."

Ethics complaints must pass before the board before they are investigated, and the board has already convened in October. November's meeting will be the earliest time the case will be heard, among others, if the item can be placed on the agenda.

This would be past the Oct. 12 election date.

Talbert also submitted the report and complaint letter to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry; East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux; and U.S. Attorney Brandon Fremin, MDLA.

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