Hornsby Creek cleaning

The $53 million in cleaning (10% local match) of Hornsby Creek is nearing completion, with crews working toward the final stretch on Monday, September 16.

It has been several decades since one of the largest drains in Livingston Parish was cleaned.

Hornsby Creek, which starts near highway 63 almost due north of Satsuma, received some cleaning as part of a $53 million NRCS grant, of which the parish will owe $5.3 million at the end of their project slate. So far, the Hornsby project has lasted about two months, with crews moving into the final stages cleaning from Highway 1019 north.

Hornsby's cleaning was roughly $1.5 million total.

Heavy rains and debris have caused drainage issues in recent years leading locals to complain about drainage, as the creek was the waterway that eventually captured water from parts of Watson, Walker, Satsuma, and Livingston.

"There was a lot of debris in that creek," said Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Mark Harrell. "A lot of big debris."

One of the duties of Harrell's office is grant acquisition for the parish. Harrell located the $53 million grant last year, with the 10% match, and work began in August on this particular project.

The issue with Hornsby Creek is that it rests within a gravity drainage district that is unfunded, and flows into an unfunded district, as well. The issue rests on regular maintenance and cleanup, which does not occur for the creek, as well as the fact that the waterway drains into an area that also does not receive regular maintenance and clean up.

Both districts vied to pass taxes in the fall of 2017 for revenue, but failed.

Parish Councilman Jeff Ard, of District 1, has said that should he win re-election he will seek to try to pass revenue streams again, especially in District 7 which handles part of his representative area.

Parts of parish council District 1 are serviced by Gravity Drainage District 5, which handles areas directly north of Walker, leading through the city limits, just past I-12.

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