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Temporary occupancy has been approved by the Denham Springs Office of Planning & Development for Airborne Extreme trampoline park. Livingston Square shopping center, where the trampoline park is located, also is working on a new facade, according to the office's monthly report.

DENHAM SPRINGS – A total of 14 commercial construction projects are underway and two new businesses have started, according to the city Office of Planning & Development.

The office’s report was submitted to the City Council at its Tuesday meeting.

Five business are listed under status as construction drawings under review:

--Watson Inspection II (new). 115 NE College St.

--Sac-Au-Lait Center, LLC (new), 2660 Sac Au Lait.

--Tienda Gloria, LLC (flood repair), 1310 Florida Ave. SW.

--The Bread Store (change of occupancy), 135 S. Hummel St.

--Urban Air Adventure Park (new), 170 Bass Pro Blvd.

Four businesses are listed as construction continues:

--Sandifer Dental Office (new), 1291 Florida Ave.

--Livingston Square Shopping Center (new facade), 730 S. Range Ave.

--Papi's Restaurant (addition/remodel), 1775 S. Range Ave.

--Jiffy Mart tenant expansion (addition), 1410 N. Range Ave.

Two businesses are listed as temporary occupancy approved.

--Airborne Extreme (change of occupancy), 730 S. Range Ave.

--Total Care Injury and Pain Center (new), 516 N. Range Ave.

Two businesses are listed as construction complete.

--Spectacular Tubers (tenant build-out), 240 Range 12 Blvd., Suite 114.

--BRQ Seafood & Barbeque - Denham Springs (tenant build-out), 240 Range 12 Blvd, Suite 121.

The status of Georgi's Hair 4 U (change of occupancy), 27947 La. 16, Suite 3, is listed as construction drawing submitted for review.

Under new businesses are Brandon Browning, LLC 1920 Florida Ave., Suite E, (real estate office), and San Nails Spa, 2626 S. Range Ave., Suite  600 (nails).

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