Parish Councilman Maurice 'Scooter' Keen - District 3

Parish Councilman Maurice 'Scooter' Keen - District 3

LIVINGSTON - Parish President Layton Ricks had asked for some time to look the new ordinance over.

That was back in early August.

After six weeks of waiting, proponent Maurice 'Scooter' Keen of council district 3 has placed the ordinance on the agenda for Thursday night. The new law would give the parish the ability to bring punitive measures to individuals who are deemed to have falsified reports or misled the permit office in acquiring permission to do certain things within the parish.

While the proposal came not long after the Premier Concrete issue cropped up in Watson, Keen cited that as more of a 'straw that broke the camel's back' for his move to push the ordinance - which was that this type of thing happened, he said, 'far too often.'

"We keep hearing 'oh that's just good ole Livingston Parish politics,'" Keen said, "and I'm sick of it."

Keen said the problem includes things as small as sheds, small residences or 'man caves' built in the back yard, and boat storage garages. People will apply for a smaller permit, then end up with something completely different.

Without recourse, the parish was left to wave their finger - a situation that can't continue, Keen believes.

The original public hearing was set for August 22, on a 7-2 vote in which the only not votes came from parish councilmen John Wascom (District 4) and Jeff Averette (District 6). However, the aforementioned request from the parish president pushed it back, but no further than tonight.

"(Parish President Layton Ricks) had asked for some time to look it over, which I was fine with at first," Keen said, "we're doing this not just to give us (the ability to punish) but to also protect the council and the parish."

The ordinance would include a fine and/or jail time considering the size of the offense.

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