LIVINGSTON – Jeff Taylor asked the assembled crowd, “Who is related to Delmas Taylor?

Almost half of the 100 or more people present Friday raised their hand.

“Shame on the rest of you for not raising your hand,” Taylor said with a smile. 

delmas taylor

Delmas L. Taylor

“He never met anyone he didn’t consider family,” Taylor said of Delmas Taylor, his father.

Friday would have been Delmas Taylor’s 82nd birthday, and it was the day of the dedication of the Delmas L. Taylor Governmental Annex on Government Boulevard here.

Delmas Taylor was described as a family man, friend, pastor and public official, but according to Jeff Taylor, “Dad was one of a kind.”

“Everybody loves their dad, but I had a man of God for my dad,” he said.

What his father enjoyed the most was being the pastor of a church for 56 years, Taylor said.

“I grew up the son of a preacher and I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said.

The 15,000-square-foot, $2.4 million Delmas L. Taylor Governmental Annex will house the 26 employees of the Assessor’s Office.

That office will take up 8,000 square feet, while the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office and Livingston Parish Clerk of Court’s Office will use 5,000 square feet for secured storage of records.

The remaining space will accommodate growth for the Assessor’s Office, Taylor has said.  

Taylor briefly recounted his father’s career, starting as a parish road supervisor in 1976 before becoming permit director in 1981. He was elected registrar of voters in 1996, retiring in April 2016.

He died in August 2016.

Jeff Taylor said he considered himself lucky that, as assessor, every day his father came to his office for coffee in the morning and afternoon.

“I had a chance to have coffee every day with dad, to sit there and solve the world’s problems,” he said.

A photo of Delmas Taylor resides above the coffee pot in the office, a tribute to the man who knew how everyone in the Assessor’s Office took their coffee, Jeff Taylor said.

And he would bring it to them, he added.

The governmental annex is a legacy to Delmas Taylor, Jeff Taylor said, although, “If he were he would say his name didn’t need to be up there.”

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