Capital One

The Capital One building, pictured here off of Hummell Street in Denham Springs, will host the Denham Springs government temporarily while repairs are made to their flooded offices at 941 Government Street.

DENHAM SPRINGS — A phone call Mayor Gerard Landry received earlier this week brought him a huge sense of relief.

Gretna Mayor Belinda Constant told Landry her city will bring Denham Springs an array of items to jumpstart municipal operations in temporary governmental facility at the former Capital One Bank location on Hummel Street.

“She just called me out of the blue and said she knew what we were going through,” Landry said. “This is not only people helping people, but municipalities helping municipalities.”

Work was set to move into full gear this week on the move into the temporary location.

The vacant bank branch will house operations for municipal government, the city court and city marshal, Landry said.

The City of Gretna will bring the City of Denham Springs six computers, 25 chairs and an assortment of office supplies for the move into the old Capital One building on Hummel Street.

The Denham Springs City Hall on Government Street lost all computers and furniture in the flood, Landry said.

“We don’t have anything,” he said. “We had to buy a laptop or two from Office Depot as well as a few iPads to the do the business of the city.”

Constant and Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson will also send 50 people to help in the setup of the temporary facility.

Mayor Gerard Landry signed an official agreement with Capital One for free use of the facility for at least six months.

“We’re supposed to have keys in hand by Friday,” Landry said.Wednesday, Aug. 24.

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