J. Rogers Pope & Edith Carlin

There’s been a lot of heat - both verbally and financially - used in the race for the District 13 senate seat.

Edith Carlin, a first time candidate, was not unknown in political circles after participating and being president of the Livingston Parish Republican Women’s group.

Carlin, an engineer, says that she is an ‘outsider’ that will bring dedication and hard work to the senate as a christian conservative with 100% family values. She said that much of her job has been ‘spending other people’s money’ and she knows how to be a good steward of those funds.

Pope, a former school principal and superintendent, has spent 12 years in the state house of representatives. Elected in 2007, Pope says he is a champion of the people of Livingston Parish, fighting for infrastructure, flood relief, and ‘most importantly’ education.

Hundreds of thousands have been spent on the campaign, with heavy usage of mailers by the Carlin campaign - as well as Political Action Committee’s and supporters surrounding her push for the senate.

Two mailers in particular drew interest from citizens - one claiming that J. Rogers Pope was ‘high-and-dry’ during the 2016 flood, and that he voted for Medicaid expansion.

Rogers, and several members of his family, flooded in 2016. He also flooded in 1977 and 1983.

The mailer that discussed Medicaid expansion cited the wrong House Bill, and did not cover that Pope voted to send the bill to the house floor, where he then voted against it and the measure died.

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