Colton Creek

Colton Creek at Highway 16 is filled up, which drains into the Amite River.

Two entities in Livingston Parish will be interested in keeping their cash flow steady for another ten years, per approval of renewals by voters.

Fire Protection District No. 7, or the ‘Colyell Volunteers,’ seeks both a 10-mill and $32 service charge, separated into two different propositions.

The millage is expected to generate $86,000 per year for the 10 year renewals, however the millage renewal does not come due until 2023 and will run through 2032, whereas the service charge will end this year and be renewed beginning in 2020.

The fee will generate, roughly, $36,500 per year and is assessed on persons owning a structure in the departments call area, whether occupied or unoccupied, and whether or not it is wholly or partially located in the boundaries of the department.

Both measures have been in place for over 20 years.

The Gravity Drainage District renewal will begin in 2021 and run through 2030. The 5-mill property tax will generate $839,750 per year and is used for both maintenance in the district as well as grant fund matches.

The statistics for Gravity Drainage District 1 are:

  • 102 miles of channel, 18% of the total ditches and canals in Livingston Parish
  • 53,350 residents, just over 40% of the parish population
  • 25,560 homes, including 40+ neighborhoods
  • 16 schools, educating over 8,000 students
  • 13 governmental buildings
  • 29,730 structures total

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