Watson Area House Fire

Crews from Livingston Parish Fire Protection Districts 4 and 5 have worked several hours to extinguish a house fire on Springfield Road in Watson. No injuries have been reported, District 4 Chief James Wascom said. 

WATSON – Crews from two Livingston Parish fire protection districts spent four hours extinguishing a blaze that heavily damaged a home near Richmond Place Subdivision Dec. 28

Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4 received the call for the Springfield Road home around 12:10 p.m. No injuries were reported.

The two-story home was not destroyed, but the fire caused “a heavy loss,” said James Wascom, fire chief for Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4. The second floor took on the bulk of the fire damage. The ground floor sustained only water and smoke damage.

Wascom said the fire was one of the largest his district has fought in 2018. Firefighters needed 40 gallons of foam – along with thousands of gallons of water -- to extinguish the blaze.

Flames were through the roof when the first group of firefighters arrived.

“We knocked out part of the exterior to mount the defensive attack, while another group worked the back of the house,” Wascom said.

Firefighters have not yet determined the cause of the fire or where it began.

Investigation into the cause of the fire will begin once the structure is safe for entry.

“We aren’t always able to find a cause, but we our best to determine one,” Wascom said.

Firefighters were able to remove most of the valuables from the first floor.

A crew from Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 5 came to the scene approximately 90 minutes after the first call provide extra manpower to extinguish the blaze.

A total of 31 firefighters – 24 from District 4, seven from District 5 – worked the blaze.

Deputies from Livingston Parish Fire Department blocked off part of La. 1019 near the home as smoke spread more than a half-mile from the blaze.

The two-story house is located on the same lot as a hair salon, which was not affected by the incident.

Assistance from Fire District 5 included use of an air unit.

“They made it much easier for us to extinguish the blaze, and we appreciate their assistance,” Wascom said. “We’re from different districts, but we all work together to provide protection to the parish … this could have been much worse.”

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