juban roundabout 1 (widening)

Work will begin in early 2018 on a roundabout at Florida Boulevard and Juban Road. Utility relocation is expected to take a year, according to DOTD.

The City of Walker was alerted that Juban Road's that the process of Juban Road's widening had begun.

In an effort to "stay out of the state's way," per the city's Chief of Staff Jamie Etheridge, Walker began their own steps of their portion of the project - moving gas lines out of the state's right of way.

The city utilized those right's of way when running gas lines down Juban Road to the Juban Crossing and Juban Marketplace areas nearly 10 years ago. Now, they'll have to pay to move them.

According to Etheridge, their relocation project will take roughly 30 days to build, 30 days to mobilize, and 60 days to implement. He was unsure when DOTD would begin their portion of widening Juban Road.

DOTD has listed the Juban Road widening project as a 'project of interest' for the area since 2014. The first piece of the puzzle is the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of U.S. 190 and Juban Road itself.

That construction has begun, with the area being cleared of utilities and the creation of right-of-way.

U.S. 190 will also be expanded to four-lanes on both sides of its approach to the roundabout, according to the project parameters.

From there, widening of Juban Road from I-12 to US 190, the construction of two roundabouts, and the construction of new frontage roads would round out the project.

The full project description can be read below:

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development proposes to make improvements to Juban Road (LA 1026) from I-12 to US 190 (Florida Blvd) in Livingston Parish. Juban Road would be widened to four 12-foot wide travel lanes with a 5-foot wide raised median. Ten-foot bicycle/pedestrian shared-use paths are included on both sides of roadway. Three roundabouts would be constructed: one located just north of I-12; one located mid-way along the project corridor approximately 1,600 feet south of the intersection of US 190, and one located at the intersection of Juban Road and US 190. In addition, new frontage roads would be constructed parallel to Juban Road east and west of the second roundabout. The new frontage roads would be constructed by LDOTD as part of the Juban Road Widening Project and would then be turned over to Livingston Parish for operation and maintenance. Curb and gutter with subsurface drainage would be installed along Juban Road and US 190.

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