French Settlement Alderman Meeting Toni Guitrau

French Settlement Mayor Toni Guitrau answers a question during the French Settlement Board of Aldermen meeting at French Settlement Town Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

The French Settlement Board of Aldermen will again take up the question of employee per diems at its May 8th meeting.

At issue is the amount of money an employee receives to cover expenses when traveling on official business. Currently, the village advances $30 daily to cover meal expenses associated with qualified travel without requiring the employee to turn in receipts. If the employee wishes to be reimbursed for expenses over $30, they are required to turn in receipts that include expenses for the advanced money plus the additional expenses. Meal expense reimbursement cannot exceed $75 per day, inclusive of the $30 advance, and cannot be used to reimburse expenses incurred by non-employees.

A request was made to increase the amount of the advance in line with recommendations from the General Services Administration (GSA), according to Mayor Toni Guitrau. Alderwoman Rhonda Lobell suggested any adjustment should follow the recommendations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Both the GSA and the IRS guidelines will be presented at the meeting and the board will consider whether to adjust the village’s ordinances.

Also on the agenda is Guitrau’s outstanding warrant amnesty program.

The program, which begins May 13th and runs through June 30th, is intended to help clear the backlog of cases in Mayor’s Court and provide a way for people with warrants issued from the court to clear up their business without having to pay additional recall fees or face possible arrest, according to Guitrau.

The money collected will be put into the village’s general fund to pay for administrative and Police Department operations.

The program does not include fees that may be owed to the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).

The village held a similar amnesty program in 2014-15.

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