French Settlement Town Hall Work (copy)

Lawrence Callendar, director of emergency preparedness for the Village of French Settlement, shows the work completed on the town hall, which is one year ahead of schedule, based on FEMA estimations.

FRENCH SETTLEMENT – The recent torrential rains that inundated Livingston Parish were a major topic at the monthly meeting of the Village of French Settlement Board of Aldermen meeting June 12.

Emergency Manager Lawrence Callendar addressed the storm in his regular update to the board.

“We started hurricane season a bit early,” he said.

Callendar said the village was lucky as the water left the area quickly and no boats or high-water vehicles were required. While the town has not received any reports of damage, Callendar and Mayor Toni Guitrau asked for residents who may have sustained damage but not reported it to the village to contact the town hall. The village is reporting damage to Livingston Parish Homeland Security and Callendar noted it may help other locales apply for emergency funds.

The town hall can be reached phone at 225-698-6100 or via email at

During the rain event, a tornado ripped through the southern portion of the parish, but Callendar noted that it seemed to skip over French Settlement. He said one police officer received damage to his property when trees were felled by the high winds.

Responders were dispatched to highway 22 to cut up some trees that had fallen across the road, Callendar said. He ended his update by reminding citizens to take precautions now to prepare for hurricane season by visiting the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security’s hurricane preparedness website at

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