R.C. Bubba Harris - Parish Council District 5 - Grinder Pumps

R.C. Bubba Harris - Parish Council District 5

An outcry from local and regional real estate agents caused Parish President Layton Ricks to strike down the parish council's original plan for grinder pumps.

At a public hearing in August, the parish council passed an ordinance that would require the disclosure of grinder pumps on sales documents pertaining to real estate transactions. The fault would lie with both the seller and the real estate agent, per the ordinance's language, should the new owner have an issue with the equipment.

A local real estate agent by the name of Taryn Creekbaum addressed the council on the evening they held the public hearing, saying she believed the ordinance was encumbering a state-issued license on a local level - which she believed was not legal.

After her testimony, and the calls from local agents, Ricks chose to veto asking the council to contact the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors to add the language directly into disclosure agreements and re-assess the ordinance to reflect punitive measures on the seller only, should they lie.

The council agreed, and now a public hearing will be held Thursday, October 10 for an updated version of the ordinance.

Grinder pumps were brought before the council by District 5 representative R.C. 'Bubba' Harris, who was representing residents from Serene Acres subdivision. Specifically, Eric Harrell addressed the council and said that his particular grinder pump had costed him in excess of $20,000.

Harrell told the council that engineer friends had inspected his particular pump and said the following:

  • It was not receiving enough electricity
  • The container was not large enough to handle the discharge from a home of his size
  • The input and outflow pipes were not large enough
  • The grinder pump's horsepower was not high enough
  • The force main which pulled the affluent out did not exert enough power

According to the inspection reports, specifically the final report from the Department of Health and Hospitals, the maintenance of the grinder pumps was to be handled by a Homeowner's Association (HoA).

Serene Acres does not have, nor has it ever had, an HoA.

While detailed inspection reports were not available, the inspection checklist for Harrell's entire home showed that it passed parish requirements.

It should also be noted that the subdivision's sewer is part of Denham Springs' wastewater treatment system.

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