KILLIAN – The Killian Board of Aldermen will take steps to improve driving conditions along one of the most hazardous intersections in the area.

Board members at the regular meeting April 9 unanimously approved a bid for work on the grassy area along the triangular intersection that connects La. 444 and La. 22.

The town will pay $4,000 to Raymond's Dozer Service of Ponchatoula to mulch the triangle between the roadway and keep the much spread out. The obstructed view along the roadway has caused severe traffic accidents during the last several years, Mayor Gillis Windham said.

The state owns 10 feet of right-of-way on all three sides of the intersection, but the town will receive permission to cut the triangle and clear it.

“We tried to talk the state into doing it,” Windham said. “They didn’t just say “no,” but “Hell, no.”

The town received a total of three bids for the work. The other two offers were $7,200 and $5,000.

DOTD will begin a traffic count at the intersection to monitor safety. It may consider a four-way stop for the intersection, Windham said.

The designation as a state road leaves the town very few options, Alderman John Henry said.

A four-way stop may prove move hazardous, said Alderman Blaine LeMaire, who believes a roundabout may provide a better solution.

LeMaire also spoke with DOTD about flashing lights on a stop sign, but he said state law includes guidelines on when it should impose additional safety measures.

The town may also decrease the speed limit and place additional stop signs through neighborhoods in Terry Harbor Subdivision, where speed has become an issue.

Windham, who disagrees about placement of more stop signs through the neighborhood, offered a different suggestion.

“It’s not the stop signs that make the difference – it’s speed limits and additional patrolling from the police department,” he said.

The town may consider lowering the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph if speeding continues through the subdivision, Windham said.

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