Killian Mayor and Board

Mayor Peter Bock, seen here with aldermen Paul Canik, Gillis Windham and Blaine Lemaire, said Friday he has begun the process of filling the vacancy for town clerk. Former clerk Julie Monteleone resigned at the end of the monthly meeting of the Board of Aldermen on Sept. 11.

KILLIAN -- Three applicants will interview for the job of town clerk, but other hurdles could leave the post vacant, Mayor Peter Bock said Friday.

Bock said he will interview the three prospects this week, but his recommendation must receive approval from the board of aldermen.

"They may reject my recommendation or decide they don't want to fill the job until after the mayoral election," he said.

Julie Monteleone resigned at the end of the regular meeting Sept. 11, a move that caught Bock and the board off guard. She cited the ongoing rift that has pit Bock and other board members, particularly Blaine Lemaire and Gillis Windham.

Monteleone handled the payroll duties before she submitted her resignation, but payment of bills and subsequent paychecks remain in limbo.

Bock said he would not handle any of the check-writing or accounting duties, a move which follows the recommendation of Louisiana Municipal Association Executive Counsel Karen White.

"I'm not touching those books," Bock said.

Monteleone was the sole employee of the town hall. Aside from payroll, she collected bills for the water department and oversaw the accounting, customer service, recording of minutes from meetings, among other duties.

She worked for an annual salary of $26,000.

Windham said earlier in the week the town should have had a backup in place for Monteleone.

"When I was mayor, we'd have a backup for a clerk in the event the other got sick, had maternity leave or went on vacation, so there's no reason we should be in this situation," he said.

The board will likely schedule a special meeting to approve or reject Bock's commendation for clerk.

State law requires each municipality to employ a clerk. In the event the position is vacant after 20 days, Gov. John Bel Edwards will appoint a replacement for Monteleone.

Monteleone, by law, remains clerk until the board appoints a replacement for the post.

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