Listening to the discussion on a referendum to allow alcohol sales in the Town of Livingston were Town Clerk Lea McDonald, seated, and rear from left, adlermen Duane May, Jimmy Nesom and Joey Sibley. Sibley conducted the meeting as mayor pro-tem in the absence of Mayor David McCreary.

LIVINGSTON – The Livingston Board of Aldermen tabled a proposal at its meeting on Thursday, April 11, on an alcohol sales referendum until next month.

Alderman Percy Edler agreed to tabling the proposal while he prepares the paperwork for a referendum on the sale of packaged liquor and alcohol at restaurants inside town limits.

Elder said he would like to see the proposal on the November ballot.

“Let the people of Livingston vote for or against it,” he said.

“There has been a petition circulating, but the council has not been involved,” Town Attorney Mike Lee said.

Lee said the board had to approve the precise wording of the ballot before sending it to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The petition contains several options, including allowing sales of all alcohol, rejecting all sales, allowing limit sales or types of alcohol. 

The Board of Aldermen would have to decide what it wanted to include on the ballot.

Answering a question from the audience, Police Chief Randy Dufrene said state law covers alcohol sales are not permitted within a certain distance of churches or schools.

“They need a permit from the state and the local government,” Lee said. “The state comes out and checks it (the distance).”

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