LIVINGSTON – The Livingston Board of Aldermen voted 5-0 to deny a re-zoning request on Thursday, April 11, for four lots from residential to light commercial where a roundbout is planned.

The Planning & Zoning Commission had recommended the re-zoning for the lots west of La. 63 (South Frost Road) south of its intersection with Texas Street.

Alderman Joey Sibley, acting as mayor pro tem with Mayor David McCreary absent, said the issue had been tabled because the board had no map of the area.

Town resident Randy Morgan asked the Board of Aldermen to turn down the request, citing the area as always having been residential.

"When we learned of the change, I was stunned,” Morgan said, who added he has lived in the subdivision for 40 years. “We bought into a residential subdivision and was what we thought it would be,” he said.

Morgan said he talked to his neighbors and some said if the re-zoning went through, they would sell and move out.

Doug Mincin, who said he owned two of the four lots that would be rezoned, told the board he was prompted by the coming roundabout.

“I have two lots south of Texas (Street) on the corner and when the circle is put in, it will greatly affect property values,” Mincin told the board.

Mincin said he does not want to move but would like to be compensated for the loss of the value of the property.

His wife, Tracy, also addressed the board, citing the safety of her family.

“I won’t be able to let my daughter play in the front yard,” because of the risk of cars going out of control and leaving the roundabout, she said.

“It will be only be a matter of time before a car goes into my house,” Tracy Mincin said.

Town Attorney Mike Lee said it was the decision of the state Department of Transportation to put in a roundabout.

“We’re getting a roundabout whether we like it or not,” Lee said.

The town attorney said if the project affects “the property value of your home, they have to pay you.”  

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