Ordinance Committee - Girlinghouse

District 7 Livingston Parish Councilman Tracy Girlinghouse has urged members to make a push for zoning for several areas throughout the parish. 

LIVINGSTON -- The Livingston Parish Council approved the appointment of nine members who will make the first study of the master plan that could eventually lead to the first-ever zoning ordinances. 

The full council's approval came six weeks after District 7 councilman Tracy Girlinghouse urged the Ordinance Committee to support the measure. The committee formation does not mean the parish will enact zoning, but Girlinghouse believes it would mark a start the right direction.

Members include Albany Mayor Eileen Bates McCarrolll, Dominique Abrams, Larry O'Neill, Kay Keen, Kayla Lockhart Johnson, Jeff Saddler, Gerald Burns, John Wascom, and Jeff Ard. 

The Master Plan was released in May 2013 in a review draft entitled “EnvisionLivingston: A Comprehensive Master Plan for Investing in Our Future.”

The guide covers a vast array of topics, ranging from the anticipated future land uses in the unincorporated parish for residential, commercial, and industrial use to issues on transportation, drainage, domestic water, emergency preparation, and coastal management, among other issues.

Girlinghouse believes much of the plan still resonates well for the parish six years after it was assembled.

He does not expect an overnight fix but hopes the plan will serve as a catalyst for the parish to take proactive measures as residential and population growth continue.

Girlinghouse considers a six-month time frame ideal for the discussion of the Master Plan but said that changes to the 2013 draft could prolong the final decisions.

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