LIVINGSTON -- Parish Council members unanimously agreed to rescind the permit they had approved last month for the Five Oaks Mobile Home Community.

The council rendered its decision quickly with no discussion and no comments from the 30-plus residents who packed the council chamber.

Residents in the crowd made no statements prior to the vote, although one person uttered, "Do it right."

The residents broke out in applause immediately after the vote.

"As long as all the ordinances are abided by, we're fine with that," resident Harriett Corbin said after the meeting. "As long as everything is done, we can't tell people what to do with the property."

Walker businessman Dennis Sterling paid $300,000 for the property. 

Sterling did not attend the meeting. He was not available for comment.

The permit discussion will return to the Planning Commission at its next meeting.

The Parish Council vote came nine days after residents from the Town of Livingston and its surrounding area voiced disapproval of the plan at a public meeting at Livingston Country Club.

One day after that meeting, Livingston Parish Planning Director Sam Digioralamo said he granted the permit to Sterling after he had mistaken it for an existing site rather than a temporary park.

Sterling bought the  eight-acre lot previously used as a temporary mobile home site Sheriff Ard established for his displaced deputies after the August 2016 flood.

Residents packed the Livingston Country Club last week for a public information meeting which included Lester, Sterling and his attorney Lane Bennett, along with four Livingston Parish Council members -- Tracy Girlinghouse, Maurice Keen, Garry Talbert and Jeff Ard. Ard represents the area of the proposed community.

The residents said they were under the impression the park was a temporary site. They also fear that the mobile home community would diminish property value of their homes.

Ard abstained from the vote on the measure at the last meeting to avoid any ethical conflicts regarding his brother's former involvement with the community.

The Planning Commission members could still approve the site, but the Parish Council would still have the final authority to accept or reject the recommendation.

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