SPRINGFIELD – A familiar face to many in the Town of Springfield will soon spend less time on the streets.

Officer Richard Sticker announced April 17 he will step down from his post with the Springfield Police Department, a job he held 18 years.

Sticker, a part-time officer, was the second-longest serving member of the town’s police force. Only Police Chief Jimmy Jones has served longer.

He announced his resignation during the meeting and became a bit emotional at times when he informed the Board of Aldermen of his plans.

“I’ve loved serving this town and meeting all the people, many of whom I have seen on a daily basis,” Sticker said. “It’s been a great 18 years.”

He worked in all aspects, ranging from arrests and street patrol to events such as football games.

The job has had its share of challenges, most notably the drug trafficking which has become a problem in Livingston Parish and across the nation. Crack cocaine was the most common drug peddlers trafficked when he started in 2001, but it shifted to crystal meth and now heroin, he said.

“The drugs are different, but it’s still a big problem everywhere,” Sticker said.

Sticker wants to concentrate more on his full-time job with Truck Auto Parts Store, which he operates in Hammond.

He also wants to spend more time with his family, including his son who will soon graduate from high school.

“I’d like to do some of things I haven’t had a chance to do over the years, like maybe go fishing with my son,” Sticker said.

Sticker will remain with police department until May 31.

Mayor Tommy Abels had one message for Sticker after the announcement.

“You realize you’ll have to find a replacement before we let you leave,” Abels quipped.

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