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LIVINGSTON -- After deliberation over zoning, the Parish Council assembled a nine-member committee to discuss the future of a parish-wide master plan.

This Tuesday night, that group will have its first chance to meet in a formal setting at the Parish Council Chambers, beginning at 6 p.m.

"We're going to hit the ground running," said Gerald Burns, a committee member and one of the members of the master plan committee when the first draft was adopted in 2013.

Outside of appointing officers, the original draft of the parish's master plan will dominate much of the discussion. According to Burns, the document is well out of date and it will take effort to fix the differences.

"There's been lots of changes since 2013," Burns said. "There's been a lot of changes since the flood of 2016, too. Neither is reflected in the (master) plan."

Burns explained that the 2013 adopted document does not reflect some of the mega-subdivisions in the parish, such as parts of Southpoint in Denham Springs and Richmond Place in Watson, as well as commercial development - including Juban Crossing.

The committee intends to hear from Lynn Maloney Mujica, who was initially the liaison between the parish and Jeff Winston & Associates. Winston's company, out of Colorado, was the original draftee of the Master Plan.

For Mujica's part, she intends to discuss with the committee what it takes to create a master plan and, therefore, what effort will be required to update the document. Burns also said they intend to solicit a bid from Mujica to update the master plan.

The group also hopes to meet with developers who are drawing the drainage master plan for East Baton Rouge Parish, as those projects will play into plans for Livingston Parish.

The committee has met but once before, in an informal setting early in April at the Parish Council Chambers. They faced some scrutiny on social media after it was made known the meeting would not be public.

Members include Albany Mayor Eileen Bates McCarrolll, Dominique Abrams, Larry O'Neill, Kay Keen, Kayla Lockhart Johnson, Jeff Saddler, Gerald Burns, John Wascom, and Jeff Ard. 

When asked why he thought the original master plan never met the road, Burns said he wasn't entirely sure. He knew there was a split and that councilmen from the eastern, southern, and parts of northern Livingston Parish were against the zoning portion of the plan.

"That's not all of it, but I believe it played a part," Burns said. "It's natural, and the councilmen from those districts are still apprehensive about (zoning)."

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