Master Plan committee (roads)

Gerald Burns was named chairman of the Master Plan committee.

LIVINGSTON - After asking for direction, the committee was given one.


Committee Chairman Gerald Burns took the ball and ran with it. Burns presented the committee with a list of high-priority roads at their October meeting, and informed the group he'd be taking his "show on the road" to visit local officials and mayors to get their input.

At the top of the list is the Cook Road Extension north of I-12 in Denham Springs.

Burns said he had talked to Chad Bacas, of the engineering firm Forte & Tablada, and the “project is totally funded with state and parish match.”  

No. 2 is the Juban Road Extension, approximately 1.2 miles from Florida Boulevard (U.S. 190) to Lockhart Road.

The engineering design, wetland determination and feasibility study are 100 percent completed, Burns said.

A small part of North Park would be affected, Burns said, but a possible land swap he discussed last year with Jim Talbot could resolve it.

Nos. 3 through 6 are four-laning Florida Boulevard from its intersection with La. 16 to Walker South Road.

Burns said the reason he broke it up into four projects is “it’s a lot easier to get money for a short section.”

Construction cost of a four-lane road is $1 million, Burns said he was told.

“Adding in other things, like right of way or utility movement, and it easily goes to $2 million. If it’s in an area with commercial activity, go to $3 million (a mile),” Burns said.

A feasibility study would be the first thing needed, he added.

The committee was asked to focus on infrastructure projects that improve the economic corridor first. That specific area encompasses roughly 1.5 miles north and south of Interstate 12, which is slated as the "focus" for the Master Plan group to draw new businesses and people to Livingston Parish.

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