Master Plan Committee - Jeff Ard (District 1 Councilman)

Master Plan Committee - Jeff Ard (District 1 Councilman)

LIVINGSTON - Discussion tonight will continue to center around the economic corridor, a major portion of the Master Plan.

But first, a presentation from a non-profit.

Justin Kozak, an advocate for the 'Center for Planning Excellence' (CPEX), will give a presentation to the committee regarding 'good planning.' CPEX is a non-profit that coordinates urban, rural, and regional planning efforts in Louisiana.

According to their website, 'We champion the power of good planning to build livable, resilient communities throughout Louisiana through our work as policy advocates, educators, and planning experts.'

CPEX provides best-practices planning models, innovative policy ideas, and technical assistance to individual communities that wish to create an enact master plans dealing with transportation and infrastructure needs.

After that presentation, the group will take some time to discuss the Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI). LWI was formed by the governor, using the remaining Restore Louisiana funds as a seed cache, to focus on planning, enhancement, and potential projects in Louisiana's various watershed regions.

Recently, the LWI was awarded $1.2 billion in funding from the federal government and have released their action plan for the funds. The committee will be looking for a piece of that pie, as a master drainage plan was a task that they decided to take on.

Finally, the group will discuss roads in the economic corridor which should be of focus for the parish. The economic corridor is a 3 mile stretch, 1.5 miles north and south of Interstate 12, that was dubbed a hot-spot for potential commercial and industrial growth - the intent of which was to bring tax dollars and jobs to Livingston Parish.

The Envision Livingston Master Plan, which was recently adopted by binding ordinance by the parish council, was hyper-focused on the economic corridor for infrastructure improvements and zoning to make it more attractive to potential businesses.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the parish council chambers in Livingston.

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