BATON ROUGE -- Make it No. 3 for Garret Graves.

The Republican congressman from the 6th Congressional District won his third two-year term in Washington by a decisive margin, according to unofficial results from the Nov. 6 primary election.

Graves, 46, prevailed over a large crop of newcomers to the political scene four years after he ran as an unknown in 2014, when he dealt four-term Gov. Edwin Edwards the only defeat of his 60-year political career.

Locally, Graves commanded a whopping 88 percent of the vote (36,200 votes), while Justin Dewitt drew 2,777 (7 percent). Rounding out the tally were Livingston Parish resident Andie Saizon (1,684 votes) and Devin Lance Graham (684).

Across his 13-parish district, Graves drew 186,502 votes (69 percent), while Dewitt emerged runner-up with 55,078 votes (21 percent). Saizan tallied 21,619 votes and Graham 5,254.

He won his seat despite Democrats gaining control of House seats in other parts of the country. 

"A big part of what happens the next two years will depend on what happens to the House of Representatives," he said. "It will change the chemistry of the House of Representatives and Congress as a whole, but it does not mean we can't continue working." 

Graves, who serves as chairman of the House Water Resources Subcommittee, ran on a resume that included full funding to complete the Comite River Diversion Canal project, as well as an end to the duplication of benefits provision, which had previously denied Restore Louisiana awards to flood victims who applied for SBA loans.

He also touted funding for coastal restoration, a bill to increase Louisiana's energy revenues and legislation that paved the way for $80.7 million in new federal funding for Louisiana road improvements through the Federal Highway Administration.

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