Black Friday Shopping

Shoppers wait outside Bath & Bodyworks' Juban Crossing location during Black Friday on Nov. 23. Sales taxes collected in November, which reflected October activity, showed no increases. The bulk of holiday shopping would be in December's sales tax totals.

LIVINGSTON – Shoppers did not go overboard for Halloween but may be saving their money for their Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

November’s sales tax totals almost mirrored October, according to the Livingston Parish School Board Tax Office.

The monthly sales taxes generated in Livingston Parish was $8,199,898, or $125,822 less than October’s $8,325,720.

Compared to the November 2017 tax, November 2018 took in $5,249 more.

The School Board Tax Office collects information from 17 governmental bodies, municipalities and taxing districts. November’s collection numbers reflect sales activity in October.

The one significant increase was in the motor vehicle sales tax, which accounted for $1,321,068, an increase of $231,258 over October’s numbers.

It also was a 3 percent increase, or $49.923, above the November 2017 numbers.

Both Juban Crossing and Bass Pro saw slight drops in their sales tax totals but had double-digit increases over their 2017 monthly totals.

The Juban Crossing Economic Development District brought in $245,928, or $5,459 less than the previous month. It was still 15 percent more when compared with November 2017.

The Denham Springs Economic Development District collected $350,852, or $36,731 less than in October. Compared with November 2017, the sales tax last month was 17 percent more.

The hotel/motel tax also showed an increase, generating $30,897, an increase of $6,388 over October’s $24,509.

Two of the five parish municipalities tracked by the School Board office had an increase in their tax levels.

Walker accounted for $348,896 in November, an increase of $13,073 over October.

Albany brought in $42,444 last month, an increase of $2,750 over the previous month.

Meanwhile, Springfield collected $32,819 in November, a drop of $5,256 over October.

Denham Springs generated $582,862 last month, a decline of $16,680 over the previous month.

The Town of Livingston also took in $43,798, a drop of $16,147 over October.

Sales tax levels for parish agencies also were down from October levels.

The Livingston Parish Council’s 1-cent sales tax accounted for $1,481,967, or $15,729 less in October.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office’s half-cent tax brought in $756,616 in November, a drop of $8,203 from the previous month.

The Livingston Parish School Board’s 2-cent sales tax collected $3,062,450, a decline of $36,785 from October.

The board’s half-cent sales tax generated $662,396 in November, or $8,780 less than the previous month.

In the lone positive side, School District 22 took in $167,433, or $246 more than its October levels.

Meanwhile, School District 33 took in $8,037 in November, a dip of $712 from the previous month.

One of the three drainage districts tracked by the Sales Tax Office showed an increase from its October numbers with its half-cent tax.

Drainage District No. 5 collected $156,695, or $6,380 more than in October.

Meanwhile, Drainage District No. 1 accounted for $140,113, or $4,147 less than in October. Drainage District No. 2 also brought in $85,686, or $31 less than last month.

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