DENHAM SPRINGS - A few health-conscious food options have opened inside the city, but none kicked it off like this.

O Poke, which opened at Livingston Square Shopping Center in Denham Springs, celebrated their ribbon cutting ceremony with a special Chinese tradition.

Costumed dancers and drum players set the tone for the day, when at 12 p.m. the music played and a mystical dragon paraded around O Poke's parking lot. The 10 minute show was meant to 'bless' O Poke's new building with fortune and good luck.

After the blessing, the family introduced themselves along with general manager Tia, and customers were welcomed into the new eatery. The original grand opening was scheduled for Saturday, July 13 but was cancelled due to the threat of Hurricane Barry.

How'd the family lure customers back for the ribbon cutting ceremony? 50% off lunch.

Poke is a Hawaiian dish, which became popular in the continental U.S. in the southern California region - and has spread from there. The offering touts itself as a fresh take on salads that's a healthy option when compared with most other foods offered today.

Poke is served in a bowl, and starts with a base. Rice or a bed of vegetables begin the dish, and then the bowl slides down the line as O Poke workers fill it up with the customer's choice of protein, other vegetables, mix-ins, and sauces.

O Poke's signature bowl at their Denham Springs location, 730 S. Range Avenue, is the Bayou Bowl. Start with your choice of base, and then let the magic happen as workers add crawfish, shrimp, sweet onion, corn, green onion, and spicy mayo.

O Poke is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday.

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