Jared Andrews at Denham Springs - Walker branch

Registrar of Voters Jared Andrews discusses the early voting process at the parish's new, satellite location.

You could say that the Registrar of Voters was excited for the end of the early voting period in Livingston Parish.

On one hand, Jared Andrews was tired - the six-day event (no voting on the first Sunday) had drained he and his staff as they manned the polls at both his office in Livingston, as well as the satellite location in the Denham Springs - Walker Branch Library.

"We can't thank the library enough for their generosity," Andrews said, "Also the credit goes to my staff, the staff of the Clerk of Court, and the Secretary of State staff member that helped us out.

"Without their hard work and diligence, none of this would have been possible."

That hard work and diligence led to an early voting total that nearly doubled the 2015 gubernatorial election. All said, 10,897 Livingston Parish citizens participated in early voting - compared to 5,248 in 2015. Broken down by location, the final tally was:

  • Satellite location - 7,122
  • Registrar's Office - 3,775

That's 13.32% of registered voters coming early - a better turnout already than Mosquito Abatement in the spring.

The period got off to a strong start on Saturday, September 28 as 1,670 participated in early voting. 

With a break on Sunday, the following week proved to be fruitful as well - 8,884 hitting the polls by Friday evening.

But the biggest push was saved for Saturday, the final day of the early voting period. 1,462 went to the satellite location, and 551 hit Livingston to push the final total to near 11,000.

The next goal, Andrews said, was to beat the total turnout for 2015 which drew 37% from parish voters or 29,299 of 78,256 registered.

Early voting was pushed due to a busy Saturday, October 12. LSU football plays Florida, at home, Saturday - although the game was not picked up by CBS and will, therefore, be at night. Southeastern is also celebrating their homecoming; it will be the Saturday night of fair week; and the second week of hunting season.

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