The Livingston Parish Council wall

The Livingston Parish Council wall

LIVINGSTON - It'll be a packed night for the parish's board.

Outside an Executive Session tucked at the end of the agenda, the council will have to work through several items in their agenda tonight:

  1. The issuance of $4.5 million in revenue-generating bonds for Sewer District 2
  2. Notice of three votes, to be authorized on October 10, for the spring election including two property taxes - one for the library and another for the parish's department of public works - and a one-cent sales tax that is split between the department of public works as well as the Livingston Parish Detention Center
  3. Discuss the veto of the 'grinder pump disclosure' ordinance and introduce a new ordinance, for vote on September 26th, removing the burden on 'real estate agents'
  4. A vote on the expansion of Ward II Water District, which will include nearly 400 new customers, after the purchase of Port Vincent Water Company's water well
  5. Discussion surrounding expanding the Ward II Water board, by two seats, for a chance to appoint members from the new districts should the parish council vote to expand the district. This move would require legislative approval to become state law
  6. A public hearing and vote on consequences and punishments for anyone acquiring a commercial permit for falsifying circumstances or facts in the acquisition of the permit

Governmental finance specialist Jim Ryan will be on tap to discuss items one and two. The first will provide $4.5 million in immediate capital to the parish's sewer district for expansion of services and development of new gravity lines.

The grinder pump issue has been an ongoing discussion, through both the council and the ordinance committee, since Serene Acres off Wax Road was brought up by parish councilman R.C. 'Bubba' Harris (District 5). The grinder pumps in the subdivision do not have the appropriate horsepower; intake or outflow pipes; large enough containers; or the appropriate electrical input to handle homes of that size.

Records show that the designs were approved, however the Department of Health and Hospitals stated that the 'Home Owners Association' for Serene Acres should handle the upkeep of the grinder pumps - which have cost several residents tens-of-thousands of dollars in repairs.

There is no homeowner's association in Serene Acres.

Parish President Layton Ricks vetoed the original disclosure requirement, passed by the parish council, due to backlash from the real estate agent community. The ordinance would have placed consequences on both real estate agents and the sellers they represent. Concern was expressed about burdening a license that is provided by the state, not locally.

The parish president said he will seek to add language to disclosure agreements through the real estate commission in Baton Rouge, which serves the nine-parish area.

Maurice 'Scooter' Keen told the News that he will be tabling, again, the public hearing on consequences for inappropriately acquired commercial permits as he waits for new language and guidance from parish administration.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the parish council chambers.

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