Hobby Lobby

A large business is relocating to the Juban Crossing area, specifically to Juban Marketplace on the northeastern corner of the current development.

The parish council approved the preliminary plat for Hobby Lobby on Mar. 15, 2019. Now, in Jan., the council approved the development to be exempt from property taxes at a gathering of the Juban Crossing Economic Development District at the parish council's second meeting in January.

The parish council gave the same property tax exemption to All-Star Kia and Nissan.

For both companies, the conditions of the exemption state that the property taxes are waived in anticipation that the sales tax revenue will be the same, or higher, as the property taxes which are forgone.

The Economic Development District suffered a setback last year, when the developer had to kick in $655,000 to make the bond payment on various revenue streams which  were used for drainage, roads, and general infrastructure. The district had been short before, but roughly one sixth that amount.

Hobby Lobby intends to open in mid-February, after choosing to relocate their store from O'Neal Lane in Baton Rouge to Livingston Parish.

A strip center in front of the development, which is currently under construction, will be anchored by Lit Pizza as well as Izzo's Illegal Burrito.

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Wait, you are mingling the Juban Crossing Economic development district bond payment with the Juban Marketplace where Hobby Lobby will be located and that’s just not the case. Hobby Lobby sales tax revenues will not aid the bond payment for Juban Crossing unless you know something I don’t or maybe you are trying to make this council appear justified in giving yet another property tax exemption to a corporate chain store, while we homeowners get billed for our property taxes like clockwork. Wouldn’t it be much better for the parish to collect the sales tax revenue and the property tax? I’m just a country boy so I’m sure I’m “misunderstanding” the good ole boy system.

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