Parish Councilman Tracy Girlinghouse - District 7

Parish Councilman Tracy Girlinghouse - District 7

LIVINGSTON - Another subdivision is coming to Duff Road in Walker.

Parish Councilman Tracy Girlinghouse, District 7, understood that the D.R. Horton development called 'Foxglove' followed all of the proper procedures and ordinances - there was no stopping the construction.

Girlinghouse's concern for the subdivision? Traffic on a two-lane highway which already faces multiple other developments emptying out, every morning, several hundred cards per neighborhood.

And, according to the traffic impact study developed for the subdivision, engineers and the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) agreed. The recommendation came back that a traffic light and turning lanes be added to the intersection of Duff Road and Burgess Avenue.

Girlinghouse proposed, in order to make sure that Horton met the traffic impact requirements, a cooperative endeavor agreement with the City of Walker to make sure that the developer finished the necessary enhancements in time.

To that end, the endeavor states that the parish will not deliver an occupancy permit for the last home until the intersection improvements are 'substantially complete.' Foxglove is slated to contain 68 homes and, according to Girlinghouse, if the intersection improvements are not complete by the time the 67th home is ready to hit the market - the parish will deny permits until the light and turning lanes are installed.

The number was chosen by the City of Walker because, according to the study, the 68th home in the subdivision will cause the traffic situation on Duff to hit such a point that DOTD would require - and approve - a traffic light and turning lanes.

Since the improvements to the intersection were recommended through a traffic impact study, the cost of the improvements will be borne by the developer, D.R. Horton.

The City of Walker assumed responsibility for Burgess Avenue in 2014 after the state agreed to overlay the road to current code, and then pass the responsibility on the city. It will be Walker's responsibility to inspect the intersection work and give the final 'OK.'

There was no information at the council as to how much the intersection and light installment would cost, or that comparison to how much a single home in Foxglove will be sold for.

Foxglove could potentially grow to over 300 homes, as the preliminary plat shows.

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