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The parish approved preliminary plats for 19 subdivisions in 2018 and 2019 combined, with over 2,000 lots total.

It's been over five years since it was announced at a Walker Council meeting that a large-scale subdivision was coming to an area south of the city.

Over 2,000 lots were originally proposed for the site which extended from nearly Juban Road to the western border of the Our Lady of the Lake property in Walker.

The developer had even proposed to build a new elementary school for the site.

That's how current Walker Mayor Jimmy Watson, a former representative of Walker on the school board, got involved.

Now, the elementary school may still be on the docket, but the project has been scaled back - mostly due to wetlands, he said. The (2016 flood) didn't help either, he added.

"I think (the developers) are looking at more like 1,700 lots, when it's all said and done," Watson said. "The initial part of the development has begun, though."

Watson cited a recent subdivision approval off of Buddy Ellis that will begin with just over 100 lots. That is the beginning of the development and Watson says the city intends to run a larger water line in the area in preparation for extra growth. The city already runs gas through the area, after circling their lines south of I-12 when they began servicing Juban Crossing.

The state approved a widening, overlay, and subsurface drainage for Buddy Ellis road. Crews are currently working on utility relocation for that project, which is being done in tandem with Dunn Road.

Forest Delatte will receive the same treatment after Buddy Ellis is complete. All three roads are state projects.

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