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State Rep. Sherman Mack, R-Albany, tells the Walker City Council on Monday that approximately $33,000 in state funds are available to the city for any project it chooses.

WALKER – He was six months early, but state Rep. Sherman Mack, R-Albany, brought a Christmas present of sorts to the Walker City Council.

Mack told the City Council and Mayor Jimmy Watson on Monday that Walker is in line for one third of $100,000 to be divided among municipalities in District 95.  

“I have a close relationship with Cameron Henry, of Jefferson Parish, the chairman of the Appropriations Committee,” Mack said. “He alerted me a month ago, we’re going have little bit more surplus that we first anticipated we would be having.

“It looks like we’re going to have $100,000 allocated to my district,” Mack said. “It can be allocated however I want it to be allocated.”

Mack said he has told the Albany Town Council and still has to visit the Livingston Board of Aldermen. Mack said he wants to distribute the funds evenly, but he would leave it to the three municipalities as to how the funds would be used.

“Sidewalks, a police car, a sewer system, or water system … I’m throwing the ball to y’all,” Mack said.

The state legislator sparked some laughs when at one point he accidently said, “Thirty-three and a half million dollars,” instead of $33,300.

“I’m looking to y’all as to how it is spent,” he said. ““I know we can put it to good use.”

“We are blessed, but we have a lot of needs,” Mayor Jimmy Watson said.

Mack also said, “It’s no secret, I may run for speaker (of the House). The more you elevate your leadership (role), the more you can do for your district.”

This fall’s election will result in the “biggest freshman class going into the Legislature since term limits began,” according to Mack.

“Many (legislators) not running for re-election,” he added, plus reapportionment will come next year after the census.

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