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Master Plan Committee Chairman Gerald Burns handed out a proposed priority list of roads from the Interstate 12 economic corridor for the panel to consider.

Here is the preliminary road priority list for the economic corridor along Interstate 12, as submitted by Chairman Gerald Burns to the Livingston Parish Master Plan Committee.

1. Cook Road Extension

A. Four-lane new road from La. 16 to Juban Crossing Development. 100 percent funded from state funds and local parish match.

B. Tentative right of way acquisition completion date: December 2019.

C. Tentative construction start: December 2020.

2. Juban Road Extension. U.S. 190 to Lockhart Road (La. 1026). Distance 1.2 miles.

A. Engineering design: 100 percent complete.

B. Wetlands determination: 100 percent complete.

C. Feasibility study: 100 percent complete. 

3. Florida Boulevard. Four lanes from La. 16-Hatchell Lane to Juban Road. Approximately 1.4 miles.

4. Florida Boulevard. Four lanes from Juban Road to Burgess Avenue. Approximately 0.7 miles. 

5. Florida Boulevard. Four lanes from Burgess Avenue to Pendarvis Lane. Approximately 0.9 miles. 

6. Florida Boulevard. Four lanes from Pendarvis Lane to Walker South Road (La. 447) in Walker. Approximately 1.6 miles.

7. Round-about south of Interstate 12 in Livingston. 

8. Four-lane La. 63 south of Interstate 12 in Livingston to Oliver Wheat Road (Epic Piping). Approximately 0.8 miles.

9. Center-turn lane in Albany from La. 19 to Interstate 12. Approximately 1.4 miles.  

10. Four-lane Walker South Road (La. 447) south of Interstate 12 in Walker to Buddy Ellis Road. Approximately 0.8 miles.

11. Four-lane Juban Road south of Interstate 12 to Brown Road. Approximately 1.3 miles.

12. Four-lane DEMCO Road in Denham Springs from La. 16 to intersection of Cook Road to Range Avenue. Approximately 0.4 miles.

13. New Interstate 12 interchange at La. 449 in Walker plus four-lane connecting road to U.S. 190 at La. 449 intersection. Approximately 1.6 miles.

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