Port Vincent Roundabout

Work has begun on a roundabout at the intersection of Highways 16 and 447 in Port Vincent.

PORT VINCENT – Drivers passing through Port Vincent can expect changes soon as work has already begun on clearing land for a roundabout at the intersection of Louisiana Highways 16 and 447.

Workers began the project in mid-April and construction is expected to be finished by early spring 2020. The price tag for the roundabout is $1,289,718.

Port Vincent Mayor JJ Page says he hopes the construction phase will inflict minimal impact on drivers but recognized there will be some disruption.

“The end result will be better for everybody, though,” he said.

Currently a three-way stop directs traffic at the intersection which can lead to significant congestion, especially at rush hour, Page noted.

According to DOTD Project Engineer Darrick Berner, the next step is utility relocation. He estimated that the utility work would be completed by November, though that is subject to change for various reasons including weather or schedule conflicts with the various utility companies. Eatel and DEMCO will both have to relocate utilities with the cable company having 180 working days and the power service being allotted 130 working days in which to complete their work. Those working days may run concurrently as opposed to consecutively depending on the nature a scope of the utility work.

“There’s always issues with utilities because a roundabout has a much bigger footprint [than other project types],” Berner said.

Once the utilities are relocated, the contractor, Command Construction, will begin working on the actual construction of the roundabout. Berner anticipates that only one lane at a time will be closed, likely with flagmen directing traffic, as the roundabout is built in sections. The contractor has 80 working days to complete the project once they are able to begin work.

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