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LIVINGSTON – Approving policy changes in three areas and approving four appointments are on the agenda of the Livingston Parish School Board.

The School Board is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Central Office in Livingston.

The policy guidelines to be considered concern authorized signatures, responsibility for vehicle operation and student searches.

In personnel matters, the board will consider Superintendent Rick Wentzel’s recommendations to fill the following positions:

--Substitute principal for the Frost School.

--Substitute principal Westside Junior High.

--Assistant principal for Albany Middle School.

--Assistant child nutrition supervisor for the Central Office.

The board is also scheduled to consider accepting bids received July 10 for parking lot improvements at Springfield Elementary.

In other personnel actions, the board will consider approving a lengthy list of changes.

Personnel changes dated July 5 involve approving the hiring of 25 teachers, 13 paraprofessionals, 10 custodians, 3 secretaries, 3 food service employees and five others including a psychologist, sales tax auditor and principal designees.

The list includes approving medical sabbaticals for a teacher and special education facilitator, accepting the resignation of six teachers, a paraprofessional and pupil appraisal coordinator and retirement of a bus driver.

Personnel changes dated June 28 involve approving the hiring of 4 teachers, 40 paraprofessionals, 4 custodians and 4 secretaries.

The list includes accepting the resignation of three teachers and a paraprofessional and the retirement of two teachers and a food service employee.

Personnel changes dated June 21 involve approving the hiring of 70 teachers, 17 paraprofessionals, 9 custodians, 2 secretaries and 29 other hirings that include school nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and an educational diagnostician.

The list includes approving leaves for two teacher leaves and a bus driver, accepting the resignation of five teachers, a paraprofessional and a secretary.


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