DENHAM SPRINGS -- Denham Strong is looking for some volunteers to help with storms drains in Denham Springs, and there’s no heavy lifting involved.

Tags are being affixed to storm drains to remind residents that nothing should be dumped into the drainage system. The project was developed by Denham Strong, the volunteer group that put together a long-range plan to help the city after the Great flood of 2016.

The Rotary Club of Livingston Parish went out July 28 to kick off the storm drain-marking project in The Willows Subdivision in northern Denham.

Rotary members joined city officials in placing the tags, distributing informational door hangers and speaking to homeowners about the campaign. The circular blue tags say “No dumping Drains to Waterway” with a fish in the center.

The door hangers explain why the importance of not dumping anything into drains.

“The only thing that should go into storm drains is rain water,” the pamphlet says. “Please don’t pour or dispose of anything into storm drains. Remember, storm drains run straight into the river.

“As storm water flows along, it picks up trash, leaves, pet waste, car fuels and other pollutants like excess lawn fertilizer and pesticides.”

The storm water eventually reaches Gray’s Creek, Colyell Creek and the Amite River.

The pamphlet offers one grim statistic: One quart of motor oil can contaminate 2 million gallons of drinking water. It also offers tips to prevent letting pollutants or objects get into the drain system.

They include composting or recycling yard waste, recycling used motor oil and paint or disposing of them at a hazardous waste collection site. Wash your car on the lawn with phosphate-free soap.

“Never dump anything in a storm drain that you wouldn’t swim in or drink,” the pamphlet says.

The storm drain-marking project is a partnership of Denham Strong, the City of Denham Springs and the Rotary Club of Livingston Parish.

Groups or individuals who would like to participate can contact the Denham Springs Office of Planning and Development at (225) 667-8326.

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